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How AKkad Treat Ants

UAE residents might have noticed that ants can be found in some areas of the Emirate but not others. Examples include Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Village , Springs , Mirdif , Nad Al Shiba , Al Barsha , Dubai Sport City , Dubai Motor City , Dubai island , JBR and JLT More astute residents might also have noticed that these location all possess sizable expanses of green, thus rendering them that much more hospitable to ants. Plus, it helps that these locations all see considerable human habitation, meaning that the food sources needed to support ant nests are all in place. In short, considering the hardiness of ants, it should come as no surprise that hospitable environments with lots of food sources should attract them in large numbers. However, that does not mean residents at these locations are helpless to combat the ants swarming their properties. Although ants can often serve as natural pest control, their presence still means trouble for homeowners because of their roaming in the search for food. Even though ants are not known to transmit diseases to humans, that does not make the sight of hundreds and perhaps even thousands of ants going through the food easier to bear. The first thing that residents should do is to seal their homes against ants. Caulking potential entrance points and repairing unexpected openings is important in ensuring that ants cannot get into the home. Similarly, some homeowners might also become motivated to use deterrents such as talc, pepper, and vinegar to discourage ants from getting in through suspected entrance points. However, there are cases where such measures might not suffice, meaning that it is time for besieged homeowners to contact professional services such as Akkad Pest Control. Our experts possess both the expertise and the experience needed to find ant nests and to help homeowners find the actual entrance points into their homes. Furthermore, we can provide advice that is tailored to the homeowners in question to help them bolster their defenses. Of course, we can also offer extermination services in case all other options fail. Our ant control methods are based on minimizing the detriment caused to the surroundings while remaining effective at removing the presence of the ants. For these reasons, we tailor our responses to the situations at hand, meaning that we use different methods depending on whether the ants are outdoors or indoors.

Control Guidelines for Ants Problem

Control ants require :
1- Locating ants nest and using specific bait or by physically destroying nest or applying insecticide to nest opening in garden and usually locate near boundary wall of villa .
2- Applying bait powder control for all grass which lead ants to collect them to their colony as food storage that will be like bomb destroying their nests . we can ensure the destruction of the queen, while also minimizing the potential harm to children, pets, and even the plants. Better still, bait lasts longer than sprayed pesticides, meaning that our method ensures long-lasting coverage. Similarly,
3- Trimming branches and limbs of tree and shrubs that touch the building to keep ants from gaining access via these routs.
4- Eliminating food sources inside building or preventing access ant proof container
5- our method for indoor infestations is to set out gel bait in addition to bait station. Such devices share similar benefits as poisoned bait, which are particularly important because of how sensitive household members can be towards common pesticides.

At Akkad Pest Control, we understand the need to get rid of household pests as soon as possible, but we also want to make sure that haste will not end up hurting our clients and their families. Better still, our skill and experience enable to do this without compromising on the effectiveness of our measures.