Blow Flies

Blow Flies

If you have a problem with a large number of flies in the house, it may be an infestation of blow flies. There are over 1,100 species. The blow fly looks similar to the house fly, but are a metallic green, black, bronze, or blue. Adult flies are also recognizable by their sponge-like mouth parts, while the maggots are easily identified by their hook-like mouth parts.

Blow flies lay their eggs in decomposing organic matter, which can be garbage, dead animals, poorly maintained compost, animal manure, decaying plants, and many other things. Blow flies are a natural part of the decomposition process. However, if they are present in your house, that is a sign of a serious problem.

One way to get rid of blow flies is to get rid of the source(es) where they are laying their eggs, which could be close to or inside your house. One possible cause is a break in a sewer pipe. Blow flies will lay eggs in the sewage. Another culprit could be the trash. If the trash isn't being taken out often enough, then a blow fly may lay their eggs in an outside or inside garbage can, resulting in an infestation. A third common possibility is a dead animal. Inspect the inside and around your house for any hidden animal carcasses.

After getting rid of the source, then comes the job of getting rid of the current population of flies. Fly strips combined with a fly swatter are the easiest way to get rid of them. If a quicker solution is wanted, then it's safest and definitely recommended that a pest control service be called and the job be left to the professionals.

Sometimes due to the size of the outbreak or the level of difficulty involved in getting rid of the flies, help from a more experienced party is needed. That is when a pest control service should be called to have the blow flies gone. If you live in Dubai and need a pest control service, Akkad Pest Control provides fast and reliable service. They will have the flies under control and get rid of them in no time.