Bottle Flies

Bottle Flies

Bottle flies are large flies that are metallic blue or green. They carry disease because they feed on decaying material like rotten meat and other rotten organic matter. You will recognize bottle flies for the audible buzzing sound their wings make while in motion. If you have these flies in your house, you should take action to eliminate them before they breed or spread disease.

Female bottle flies have the mind-boggling ability to produce nearly 200 eggs at once. These eggs are gray or yellow and can be difficult to locate in your home. The larvae hatch within several days and enter a pupal stage 2-10 days later; these larvae emerge from their pupae as adult bottle flies each capable of producing hundreds more eggs at one time. These disgusting insects breed in the rotting carcasses of dead animals, further adding to the transmission of disease. That's why you need to get rid of flies before they multiply in your home.

If you see a large number of bottle flies inside your home, that means they have likely found a breeding site within your abode. Decaying organic matter like rotting meat or kitchen trash containing discarded food may be their breeding ground. When decaying animals and other rotten organic matter are unavailable, bottle flies may turn to the nectar of certain flowers to continue their life cycle and produce hundreds of eggs.

Flies in your house can contaminate your food and cause unsanitary conditions that lead to sickness in humans and pets. When it comes to pest control, flies are actually a very common complaint. People just want these insidious flies to be gone from their homes as soon as possible to protect themselves and their loved ones from illness.

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