Property Management: Apartments
What makes an apartment attractive to prospective residents? Excellent design and amenities are of course firsts on the list. But do you know that an excellent pest control is a real amenity that attracts prospective residents? It may not be the first thing that you advertise but it sure adds value to your property. This is part of what you as owner do to make your property attractive to prospective residents. When they move in, you still need to keep them satisfied especially when it comes to controlling pests. The presence of pests makes it hard to keep your customers happy. Akkad helps you deal with this!

We Go Beyond Excellent Pest Control
Akkad is a leading pest control service provider in UAE with extensive network and representation in Dubai, Sharjah, Jebel Ali and Arjman. We make it easy to communicate with you, your residents and your staff wherever you may be in UAE. With our network of specialists, support staff, quality assurance personnel and operations management we work with your staff constantly.

Multi-family Approach to Pest Management
Our multi-family approach to pest management in properties like apartments recognizes that your residents are an important part of the pest control solutions. The success of such approach relies heavily on the cooperation of the residents in you apartment that is why we make them an integral part of the solution. As our client, we will also provide you with access to educational materials that you can share with your residents.

Our Services for Apartments
Our commitment to excellent pest control is shown in our integrated pest management system. We consider pest management as a continuous process. We begin by identifying the sources of infestation in your property. We look at sanitation and structure-related causes and assess factors that make pest activity conducive. We develop solutions that focus on prevention of pest infestation. If we need to use products to eliminate pests, we use those that are environmentally safe. We follow through on these solutions by regular monitoring to identify new pest activities as well as pinpoint conditions that encourage them. We will recommend solutions whenever necessary.

Part of our service is to guide you implement a comprehensive cleaning program that will target critical areas of pest activity. This includes cleaning programs for common places as well as typical hot spots like bathrooms.

Free Consultation from Akkad Pest Control Service

Contact us now for more information on how you can benefit from Akkad's services. We will work with you to develop pest control program that is suited to your specific needs.

Food service

One of the major things that attract pests to a building is the availability of food. For restaurants, this issue can be difficult to overcome. Not only do Dubai restaurants have a lot of food sources in storage, but untidy kitchens can have scraps that fall behind the counter and are available for pests to consume...

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Health Care

Industry Solution: Healthcare
A sensitive healthcare environment needs pest management that protects its facilities from pests and the germs that they carry without compromising sustainability. At Akkad we offer highly effective pest control services...

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Pest management challenges can have a negative affect on your hospitality business. The damage that pests can do to a commercial business is not only structural, but in a time of internet reviews it doesn't take much time for an unhappy client to spread the word of a pest problem...

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office building

Property Management: Office
You just don't let anybody occupy your property, you choose tenants which enhance the value of your property. In the same way that you would want to choose a pest control service...

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The last thing you want to happen to your customers is a pest problem. The sight of rats and insects tells your customers that cannot protect them; in the end they will remember your shop as the last place to go to. Don't let a small problem become the end of your business...

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When trying to combat pest problems in Dubai schools, one of the most important factors is the ability of a large number of staff members to coordinate activities in a way that prevents pest control problems in the future. Many actions carried out by people will contribute to the pest problem...

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