Formosan Termites

Formosan Termites: Facts, Identification & Control

Formosan Termites are a more aggressive species of Subterranean termites that can establish secondary nests above ground.

Formosan termites (often called Formosan subterranean termites) can cause serious destruction to homes, trees, boats, railroad ties and other wooden structures and objects. This species of termite is native to the Middle East and Asia, but is now found throughout the world after an infested shipment of wooden beams brought the termites to the Western Hemisphere in the 1940's. The most remarkable aspect of Formosan termites - and the reason they can cause so much damage, so quickly - is the huge size of their colonies, which usually contain several million individual termites; colonies of other termite species contain only several hundred thousand.

The giant size of Formosan termite colonies makes them dangerous to all sorts of wooden structures, vehicles and objects. Members of a typical Formosan colony may travel up to 100 meters to find suitable wood to eat; once a food source has been located, the termites usually consume almost one pound of wood per day. Detection of a Formosan colony can be particularly difficult because of the termites' penchant for travelling underground, which means that the infestation may not be discovered until the termites have caused significant structural damage to their food source. Formosan termites also reproduce at an alarming rate. Like many social insects, not all termites are capable of reproduction; reproducers are called "alates", and are capable of flight until they find a suitable location to found their own colony, at which point their wings detach and breeding begins. Each Formosan colony generates at least 70,000 alates, or 35,000 male/female breeding pairs. In as little as three years, a single pair may found a colony of sufficient size to generate breeding pairs themselves.

There are several signs of termite infestation. Homeowners and property managers should be aware of these symptoms and take immediate action when they are found. The most common indicators of termite activity are tiny holes in wood and the presence of a powdery substance (similar to sawdust) near the holes. The most serious cases of termites are often identifiable by the presence of light brown "termite tubes," which may contain live insects. Even if there aren't any live termites visible, the signs of termite infestation must not be ignored! Remember that termites are burrowing insects and consume wood from the inside out. Ten or twenty termite holes may not appear to indicate a serious problem; tapping the wood with a hammer or pair of pliers, however, may produce a dull, hollow sound that indicates that the wood's interior has been completely ravaged by the termites. This invisible damage seriously compromises the wood's integrity and makes it substantially weaker than it appears. Termite infestations are particularly dangerous in load-bearing wooden beams, floors, and ceilings; the hidden destruction that results may cause wooden structures to fail, causing potentially fatal injuries to nearby humans.

Because Formosan termites form such huge colonies and cause devastating damage in a short period of time, it's essential to protect your property with a comprehensive termite inspection and protection plan. Here at Akkad Pest Control, we understand that the key is to prevent termite colony formation in the first place; prevention is much easier and less expensive than exterminating the insects and repairing the extensive damage that they have done. We offer comprehensive termite inspections in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Adjah.

Our termite inspections are done by our courteous, professional, highly qualified engineers who will come to your home or business to assess the risk of termite infestation. Our engineers are experts who know where to look for hidden, hard-to-spot signs of termite damage and understand the latest, most effective and least invasive techniques for dealing with any termites present. It's very important to note that because termites are living, moving creatures, a single inspection or treatment cannot provide lifetime protection against infestation. Termites move from place to place, often quickly, so it's crucial to fully eradicate existing individuals and treat the property with chemicals to make it unappealing for other termite colonies. An annual inspection and preventative treatment plan is the most convenient way to keep termites far away from your valuable property and prevent serious damage that would be very expensive to repair.

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