House Fly

House Fly

The house fly, Musca domestica, is one of the most common flying insect pests, and is also one that can spread deadly diseases. The common house fly originated in the Middle East millions of years ago, but has steadily migrated across the world by accompanying man on his journey. They still present an annoying and unhealthy pest in regions like Akkad today.

Controlling anything requires learning a bit about it, and the same holds true for flies. The typical house fly is just 8-12 millimeters long, and is dark gray. The main contributor to the flies' thriving is their capability to eat almost any organic material. Whether it is the feces left behind by your dog, a garbage pile with leftover food hidden deep within it, or the food you want to eat yourself, a fly can turn it into a meal. Since they distribute diseases readily, and flies in Dubai enjoy a climate and environment that is beneficial to their growth, trying to get rid of flies can be frustrating and impossible on your own.

A single female fly can lay over 500 eggs, and like any insect this rapid growth can present major problems if the fly decides to lay its eggs in your food. Within a week, the eggs grow into true adult flies. Some exaggerations put the lifespan of a fly under a week, and occasionally under a day, but the fact is the house fly can live over a month in conditions it finds beneficial. Getting rid of these well-designed pests can not be left to procrastination, and requires professional pest control to make the flies be gone.

Flies traffic in organic matter, and as such transmit hosts of diseases. Over 100 known pathogens can be transmitted via flies, making them a potential health hazard when you have flies in house. The diseases they carry include ones such as typhoid, cholera, malaria, tuberculosis, and parasitic worms. The flies carry and transmit these diseases through contact, feces, and vomit.

These pests are readily identifiable, and if you have an infestation do not hesitate to get rid of flies with the help of Akkad Pest Control services in Dubai. Let us control your flies, and don't let flies control you.