Norway Mouse

Norway Mouse

The Norway rat is the most common rat in the United States. These rats are particularly good swimmers, but they are not very agile on land. Despite their awkwardness, they can enter your home. Once there, they pose the risk of spreading disease and illness. That makes them a very unwanted pest. If your home has been invaded by Norway rats, you need to seek professional rat control to evict these unwelcome guests.

You can identify Norway rats by their distinct appearance. They are squat rodents with shaggy brown fur. They measure six to eight inches in length. Norway rats have beady little eyes and rounded noses. Their tails are short compared to the total length of their bodies, including their heads.

Norway rats are omnivorous but they prefer a carnivorous diet. They generally sleep during the day, forage for food at night, and leave behind droppings that are capsule-shaped.

These common rats are vigorous breeders. One single adult female can produce four to seven litters of baby rats per year. Each litter may contain eight to twelve offspring. That means one female Norway rat can fill your home with a whopping 84 rats in just one year. That is the perfect reason why you need pest control services before a rat infestation has a chance to grow out of hand.

Since a female Norway rat takes only two months to reach sexual maturity, the population of rats in your home can explode if you hesitate to take action. One rat in Dubai can turn into a population of hundreds. In addition, Norway rats have a breeding season that lasts all year long, so only pest control professionals can prevent your home from being overrun by these hardy rats.

A Norway rat bite is very dangerous because of the diseases that rats carry and the potential for infection. If you try using a rat trap or rat gel, you could wind up with nothing to show for your efforts except for aggressive rats and the potential for rat bites. That's why your safest option is to contract the services of Akkad pest control services.