Fire Wood Insects

Fire wood Insects

Spiders, Wood Boring Beetle, Termites, Carpenters Ants, Cockroaches

Bringing firewood into your home is a surefire way to welcome spiders, wood boring beetles, termites, carpenter ants and cockroaches onto the premises. Firewood is notorious for harboring these unwanted pests. Many people store firewood outdoors, on the deck, or on the porch. That gives insects the perfect opportunity to burrow into the cracks and crevices in the firewood. When you bring the firewood indoors, everything from spiders to cockroaches can leave the wood and take up residence in your carpets, cupboards, curtains and throughout your home.

These insects can cause a lot of problems once they leave your firewood and spread around the house. Even some wasps can lay their eggs in firewood and hatch once you bring the wood indoors. That's why you should be very careful where you store your firewood outdoors in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Jebel Ali or wherever you call home. Try to keep it as dry as possible, and never store firewood indoors where insects can move from the wood to your home.


It can be troubling to discover that your premises have been invaded by unwanted pests. Figuring out where these unwelcome creatures originated can be puzzling, but there are common ways that pests can enter your space. Appliances can harbor cockroaches or mice...

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Books / Paper

Cockroaches, silverfish and firebrats, an insect similar to silverfish, can all sneak onto your premises hidden in books or papers. If you bring bags or boxes of secondhand books into your home, you may also be carrying some of these unwanted insects. The same is true if you bring home reams of paper, magazines or comic books...

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Cardboard Containers

When an infestation of unwanted pests takes up residence on your premises, you may wonder where they came from. It is important to be aware that some infestations begin when you bring cardboard containers into your home. Storing products in cardboard boxes can be very convenient...

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Carpets / Rugs Insects

If you have ever had carpet beetles, fleas, cockroaches or moths in your home, then you know that they breed and multiply quickly making it far easier to prevent these pests than to exterminate them after they have infested your premises. The first step in preventing them is understanding some ways that they may enter your property...

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Clothing Insect

When anyone finds pests like moths, lice, fleas or carpet beetles inside their premises, it can be difficult to determine where the infestation began. However, there are a few ways that these pests gain entry into your property. Knowing how these insects find their way into your house...

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Cut flowers Insects

Cut flowers are always welcome in every home, but they would be less well received if people realized that the beauty of freshly cut flowers can hide pests like carpet beetles and spiders within their lovely green foliage. Whether you live in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman or Jebel Ali, you should be very careful...

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Fruits / Vegetable Insects

There's nothing more delicious than a fresh piece of fruit or vine ripened vegetables. Organic produce, in particular, is enjoying a surge in popularity. Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without the harsh pesticides and chemicals that farmers often use to repel pests. That makes for a great product...

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Furniture Insects

Bringing a new or used piece of furniture onto your premises can really help brighten up a room. Unfortunately, it can also welcome insects like spiders, wood boring beetles, cockroaches and fleas into your home or office. Fiber pests that may lurk in the upholstery of furniture can also include moths and silverfish...

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Grains / Cereals Insect

Unwanted pests like insects and mice can enter your premises through stored products like grains or cereals. If you have a sudden and unexpected infestation of beetles, moths, cockroaches or mice, it may have been caused by packaged food products you brought into your home or apartment...

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Light near entrance

No one wants insects on their premises. Unfortunately, there is a variety of ways that unwanted pests can enter a building. In some cases, they may be attracted to lights near the entrance of residential or commercial property. Spiders, carpet beetles, and flying insects like moths congregate near exterior lighting...

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Pets Insect

People love their pets, and no one hesitates to bring these companion animals into their homes. Unfortunately, unwanted pests like fleas, ticks and conenose bugs can enter your premises by hitching a ride on your beloved pets. When your dog goes for a walk outside, it can easily pick up fleas from other animals in the neighborhood...

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Plants can really brighten up a room. Unfortunately, they can also leave you facing an infestation from insects like mites, spiders and ants. It is very common for ordinary houseplants to harbor these unwanted pests in the potting soil, stems, under leaves or even in the blooms and blossoms of houseplants...

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