Rodents Mouse

Rodents Mouse

Rodents are among the most common pest problems that many homeowners experience. They can create a threat to your family, which can result in serious diseases from contaminated foods and things that these pests carry. It is advisable that you know the following things about rats and mice so you will know how to control these pests. Here are some facts that you need to be aware of before calling rodent pest control services.

There are two types of rodents that live and infest your living quarters. They are rats and mice.

Rats are smart rodents that have a knack for detecting pest control like rat traps and baits. There are three types of rats that usually inhabit your home - the cotton rat, Norway rat and roof rat.

The cotton rat grows up to nine inches long and has coarse black/gray hair. It lives in the lawns, gardens, and fields. The brown, heavily-structured rat is called the Norway rat. It has small features and a flat nose. It is visible at night and eats mostly meat. A roof rat is black or brown in color. It grows up to 10 inches long and has sleek fur. It nests under a house or building and is often seen in elevated areas since it is a good climber. All are omnivorous but most prefer fruits, vegetables, and meat.

These rats can expose you to danger including a rat bite that can lead to terminal illness. They can also bring fleas, lice, and ticks in your home. You must look for professional assistance like akkad pest control services to avoid rat in Dubai.

Mice are known for their prolific quality, which, if not controlled, can produce 200 babies in a span of four months. They infest your home for food, warmth, and water and they are known to contaminate everything they touch making these rodents all the more dangerous.

Deer mice are round and slender with large eyes and pointed nose. They live in hollow holes or under a pile of stones or wood. You will often see them in attics and basements. House mice on the other hand, are small rodents with big ears. They burrow in your home, and near your food.