Smoky brown cockroaches

Smoky Brown Cockroaches

Smoky-brown cockroaches, or periplaneta fuliginosa, are close relatives of the American cockroaches. They are smaller than their cousins and have a reddish-brown color. They can grow up to an inch and a half long, they have long wings (longer than their abdomen), and they can fly, particularly to any room with light. The female roach can lay 17 eggs in a lifetime. They can live up to six months or up to one year max if there is plenty of warmth, water, and food. Like all kinds of cockroaches, smoky-brown cockroaches, or water bugs, are known to eat rotten plants. However, these pests are scavengers, which mean they can eat everything, such as food crumbs, decaying organic matter, meat, fruits, vegetables, and even beer!

These roaches breed in the dark cool spaces of underground areas, such as the attic, cellar, shingled rooftops, tree holes, and gutters. These places are quite inaccessible to humans, which makes it extremely difficult to find them. This is also the reason why they can multiply in large numbers without getting noticed. These water bugs can infest your homes, but they prefer empty areas and houses like gardens, greenhouses, abandoned edifices, and nurseries. They are most common in South America and in warm countries in Asia, such as Dubai.

It is very important that you know how to get rid of cockroaches the right way so that you can keep a clean home without any kind of roach contamination, that can easily cause all sorts of allergies and asthma due to cockroach droppings, not to mention cockroach bites that can swell and irritate your skin. Cockroach killer such as cockroach traps and cockroach gel only work when you want short term, instant results. However, it is a must that you seek Akkad Pest Control Services, one of the leading pest control companies that can effectively control cockroaches in Dubai, to completely solve your pest infestation at home.

Remember, smoky-brown roaches nest and breed in hard-to-reach areas, so you really need customized gadgets and insecticides that can kill and destroy their eggs and nests in an efficient and effective manner.