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Bed Bugs in My Bed

Although bed bugs are not the most threatening pests that can infest a home, their presence is nonetheless a constant source of disgust and irritation. Bed bugs cannot pass on diseases in the same manner as other biting insects such as mosquitoes, but that is little comfort to their victims, who are the ones waking up to the signs of theirnighttime feeding ............. Read More

Pest Control

How Pesticide works ?

Pest control operators oftentimes have to resort to using a more

Pest Control Dubai

Services is one of the leading providers of pest control Dubai services. They offer top-of-the line treatments against ants, bed bugs, termites and cockroaches

Bed Bugs Dubai

While Dubai is currently under heavy development towards becoming a world-renown resort and travel destination, it is has also developed an increasing bed bug ..

Why bed bugs are on the rise ?

The reasons for the apparent rise in bedbug infestations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi are almost as numerous as the pests themselves. However, two of the main reasons bedbugs seem to be more prevalent tl

Bed Bugs Places

Beg bugs are sneaky little creatures. Bed Bugs can run extremely fast and generally go unnoticed until the infestation becomes severe. Infestations are normally ...

Cockroaches Killer

Discovering that you have cockroaches in your home can be very disappointing. You deserve to live in a clean and disease-free environment. Having these insects in your home......MORE

Termite Control

Being able to identify if our home is infested with termites goes a long way in safeguarding it from these destructive insects. One of the ways of identifying termite infestation is by discovering winged termites.

Termite Treatment

Akkad Has Special Approval For Anti Termite Treatment From

Dubai Municipality

we Can Provide 20 years Guarantee For Termite Treatment Commercial - Residential


Pregnant women or New born Baby

When you introduce a young one into your world, the last thing you want to do is deal with disease spreading and annoying pest. There are many chemicals designed to kill pests, while not harming you and your loved ones. However, you will need to make special considerations for a young child or an unborn fetus.
Pesticides that are not very harmful to adults can have a harmful effect on an unborn child or on a small baby. .

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Bed bugs in My Bed

bed bugs in my bed

Ticks & Flea

Ticks treatment became most diffcult insct could hurt animls , many people dont a ware about ticks and how tick could stack in pets skin , it would lead pets to die after time period

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Ants Treatment

The fire ant is not the normal, everyday house ant. Known for its aggressive

nature, the ant will attack almost any intruder repeatedly. It first attaches itself to the victim by the use of its mandibles, and then injects the victim with its venom through the use of the stinger. Fire ant bites can be quite painful for most, and even fatal for some human beings

If anyone experiences a fire ant sting, a topical histamine or a cold compress can offer some relief.

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ants problem in dubai

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Arabian Ranches

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 ants problen in springs

The Villa

ants problen the villa community

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